Variquestâ„¢ Poster Maker 3600

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Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600

Product Comparison

When comparing the Variquest Poster Maker 3600 to the Poster Studio Express, there are a number of very important factors to consider. The main differences can be seen in the table below.

Poster Studio Express™ Variquest Poster Maker™ 3600
Full color printing Single color only
As low as $20 for a 150' roll At least $79 per roll
Supplies widely available Proprietary supplies
Can be hot laminated Special paper required for hot lamination

Cost Per Poster
The full color, photo quality printing of the Poster Studio Express not only competes with the Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600, but is more economical in most cases when all factors are considered. For example a single color print on the Poster Studio Express can made for as little as $1.25 when printing a page of full black on white text. The same print on a Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600 using thermal Transfer Plus paper, would cost around $4.00! On the Poster Studio Express, $4.00 could get you a full color photograph in poster size - on photo quality, glossy, heavy stock paper!

All posters produced on the Poster Studio Express can be run through hot or cold lamination. When using the Variquest™ Poster Maker 3600 however, the user has to either use the more expensive Thermal Transfer Plus paper, or use the very expensive cold lamination option available with the Variquest™ solution.

Design Station
The Poster Studio Express A Package includes our Design Station with software pre-loaded, hundreds of thousands of graphics and fonts, as well as remote tech support - all STANDARD. These features are all extra purchases with the VariQuest™ Poster Maker 3600, costing as much as $2,500.00!

In summation, the Poster Studio Express is not only the more economical option, but will provide a better quality, more eye-catching and effective poster to help enhance your classroom environment.

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